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Monday, 19 December 2011

Future Shorts

On a Tuesday night at the homely Roxbury Hotel in Glebe, a pop-up short film festival took place. Amidst a live band, a westie comedian and the distinctive buzz of after-work drinks, Future Shorts made its way to Sydney.

Future Shorts was designed to localise the culture and entertainment of a wide-scale short film festival; so that you may enjoy it in the comfort of your own neighbourhood, possibly being hosted by a friend of yours. Anyone can host the range of short films simply by becoming part of this nomadic experience.

Tuesday’s event begun with the peppy ‘Stephane Brenau’, a duo acoustic act who warmed up the assembling 20-30 year old crowd with a few covers, including a French rendition of ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’. As I snacked on an incredible selection of mixed dumplings (for only $5.00!), I noticed the excitement in the air was brewing. You could sense that those here were eager to see the first pop-up event in Sydney, eager to experience award-winning short films in an intimate environment.