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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Ruthless - Review

Ruthless the Musical is playing at the Seymour Centre until 5 July.

If you have never heard of this musical don't worry this is an Australian Premiere! This is a little surprising as it  opened off-Broadway at the Players Theatre on March 13, 1992 and closed January 24, 1993 after 342 performances. It was also nominated for several awards and Joel Paley won  a Drama Desk Award for outstanding lyrics.

The cast for this production has some of Australia's finest woman with many decades of experience - Katrina Retallick, Meredith O'Reilly and Geraldine Turner, so as you can imagine the singing was superb. Katrina played Judy Denmark, and it was a truly outstanding performance, especially in the opening scenes as the 1950's blonde bimbo Mommy! Tina Denmark played by Madison Russo again she played the perfect star brat! Understandably, she was rather nervous on the opening night as were a few of the others, but I think as the season goes on they will relax into their role some more.  I think the actual set had something to do with the flow of the play too. Obviously, during rehearsals they would have practiced on a flat stage; but the set has a revolving platform to change the scenes.  This was a good idea and did provide a stage within a stage, however, there was quite a step up which didn't help the choreography and general movement.  The costumes and the actual set furnishings were excellent good, again particularly for the 1950's scenes and the hats!

The music was very good, no large chorus songs but certainly a few tunes that the actors could sink their teeth into and show off their singing talents. The music was live and on the whole very good, I did think that the keyboard player and pianist were out of sync a few times and it was a pity that the staging didn't allow us to see them all.

The story of Ruthless is about the cut throat world of musical stardom. Tina wants to be a star and will do anything to get that leading role. Her mum, Judy is the dutiful mum but feels something is amiss in her life, other than her husband. Sylvia St Croix is a manager and wants to manage Tina, she again is a Ruthless character that will do anything to make it big. Lita Encore, is Judy's adoptive mum is a critic and she sing a really great song all about why she hates musicals! There are a couple of other woman's characters but the plot is simple. Tina kills to get the main role, Judy turns her in to the police and becomes a star herself. Tina then "reformed" comes home to find her world has changed and .....  well I don't want to spoil the end!
What I did want to know was, what happened to Judy's baby?

For more information and book your seats - Seymour Centre

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Friday, 2 November 2012

My Private Parts

 My Private Parts
Written by Deborah Thomson and Performed by Deborah Thomson and Lucy Miller
Where: The Seymour Centre, Chippendale
When: 31st October – 17th November
Tickets: $32 Adult, $27 Concession
Reviewed by Lana Hilton
You know you are in for an unusual treat when you hear over the PA system “This evening’s performance of My Private Parts will commence in 15 minutes”. Even before you have sat down you are already enjoying the performance.
Deborah Thomson tells of her incredibly bumpy journey riding the IVF fertility treatment train. This true story is written, performed, narrated and sung by Deborah herself in what is an incredibly hilarious, heartbreaking and entertaining expedition to get a bun in her oven. She is joined by Lucy Miller who is equally extravagant and both ladies have a chemistry meant for raucous amusement.
The oven in question is a microwave oven and it is one of the major props used in the performance. It has been strategically placed and built into the feature wall which is a nude picture of a glamorous lady posing provocatively, and the microwave is her crutch. This one is definitely not for the kids!
As Deborah is poked, prodded, given drugs, stuck with needles and told when to have and not have sex, we are introduced to the less romantic option of conceiving a child – IVF. My Private Parts satires the ‘unnatural’ baby-making process using original songs sung to a live band and numerous props which make you laugh and blush! Whipped cream, vacuum cleaners, real eggs and jelly babies are used in ways I will never forget; even the microwave oven gets a workout!
There are sex scenes and very dirty adult language to uplift the underlying heartbreaking voyage couples go through. Deborah has lived through it all and her memories of robotic doctors, nosey nurses, early morning injections, depressing phone calls and failing procedures are brutally brought to the surface and performed with bravery and commitment. You learn a lot about IVF and although it is in a light-hearted manner; the rejection and failure that couples are faced with is always simmering below the surface.
This uproarious production is a must-see piece within the 2012 Reginald Season and you would be doing yourself a great disservice if you pass it by.