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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Dane Hiser: Settle Down - Review

Reviewed by Jasmine Crittenden
Dane Hiser’s comedic style is of the self-deprecating variety. His Sydney Comedy Festival show, held at Marrickville’s Factory Theatre in April, set the tone from the get-go.

While the audience watched a dark stage, embellished with only a television and a microphone stand, a voiceover struggled to announce the name of the main act, stumbling over several absurd yet laughable variations until Dane emerged.

Awkwardly introducing himself as a ‘ladies’ man’, the kind that women yearn to take home, he proved his point with the evidence: ‘Just look at me.’This ironic type of self-assessment resurfaced again and again during the next hour.

Dane certainly has the wry expressions and appropriate sense of timing to carry off such characterisation, but there were moments when the ‘ladies’ man’ quip lost its effect, simply because it was too-oft repeated.

Some of the most entertaining moments were those featuring the more quirky and creative ideas. The television was employed as a conduit for a series of rather bizarre and amusing, ‘self-promoting’ ads, and a song about a romance with an ‘IKEA’ girl, whose ‘heart comes in fifteen parts’ was undeniably clever, provoking quite a few laughs.

Dane is a comedian with promise. His script could do with some tightening and polishing, in order to cut out redundancies and increase the frequency of the wittier, more original material.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Interview with Jorge Menidis

Jorge Menidis is the Founder and Artistic Director of the Sydney Comedy Festival. The festival is an annual event which takes place April/ May, this is it's 8th season. The festival opens with a Cracker Night, find out what this is and what the line-up is so far, plus more, listen here!

Recorded on The Hubbub, Triple H 100.1 fm

(please note the link will become inactive in about 3 months time, call 02 99403649 if you would like to listen)