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Sunday, 29 June 2014

HARVEST @ New Hampton Review

Ben Palmer is the head chef at HARVEST restaurant. Since moving his career to Australia just 7 years ago, HARVEST @ New Hampton is Ben’s latest venture as he builds a strong reputation within a competitive food industry. As a food lover and traveler himself, Ben’s quirky character is reflected in his flavoursome dishes, giving the restaurant its vibrant competitive edge.
Using cuts that other restaurants don’t often use means the unusual menu can range from lambs’ brains to Duck Liver Parfait. “None of our food is wasted, we use all parts of the animal so our menu is constantly changing,” says Ben. With a different menu for lunch and dinner, each meal is served up with an element of surprise and sophistication using only the finest ingredients.

On Monday 23 June we went along to try out this amazing sounding menu.


Medley tomato, beetroot, salted walnuts, quinoa & goats cheese $16
Pan-fried quail, parsnips, bacon & black pudding $18 Potato gnocchi, cauliflower, sultanas, pine nuts & parmesan $17/26
Seared scallops, chorizo jam, olives, tomato and cucumber salsa $20
Citrus cured ocean trout, picked fennel, cucumber and radish salad $17
Duck liver parfait, pear and fig chutney, crostinis $17


Confit pork belly $31
Served with crispy ear, sweet potato and chorizo croquette.

Sirloin on the bone $32
Chargrilled 300g sirloin on the bone served with onion puree and harvest butter.

Junee lamb backstrap $32
Served with dried olives, pistachio, butternut squash and crumbed brains.

Palmers island mulloway $30
Served with pea puree, zucchini & buerre blanc.

Aumoniere $26
Merrideth goats cheese, spinach aumoniere, parsnip and broccolini.

Roasted duck breast $31
Served with duck sausage, kale and lentil sauce.


Handcut triple cooked chips and saffron aioli $8
Broccolini and kale, lemon and almond butter $9
Roasted chat potatoes and garlic $8
Medley tomato, olive and labne $7
Pea, feta and charred zucchini $8

The New Hampton as a venue is amazing, just my kind of place, dark, candle lit and cosy. There was a good use of mirrors and the bathrooms, well it is not often that I walk into a bathroom and go wow in a good way!
We were extremely privileged that they opening the kitchens and dinning room just for us, so I don't think we say it at it's best and Ben wasn't the chef.
First arrived some freshly baked bread and sundried tomato butter.  I only just remembered to take a photo before we wolfed it down, it was really yummy, probably the best bread and butter I have every had.
To start we had the Quail and Trout. The trout was delicious with subtle  flavours apart from the sauce which really overpowered the whole dish. The Quail was good and perfectly cooked.
Next up was the Pork belly and Goats cheese. The Pork belly dish was perfect except the crackling on top of the belly was not crispy but more gelatinous. The flavour was there but his was very disappointing.  The Goats cheese dish I thought was going to be packed with flavour, however the filo pastry wasn't cooked through and the whole dish was rather bland. The broccolini was just how I like it however, wonderfully crunchy.
For desert we had panacotta and creme bulee, a bit like the main course these dishes were ok but nothing to really write home about.
So, on the whole the meal was ok but as I said at the start I don't think we saw it at it's best.
I would give the venue 5 out of 5.
The staff also 5 out of 5.
And the food 3 out of 5.


Saturday, 19 April 2014

New Hampton Venue Launch - Review

Reviewed by Regi Su
After a long time under construction, the Hampton Court is back in action as the New Hampton! The bar aims to bring The Rock to Kings Cross in an attempt to revitalise the area and offer a sense of suave class to Sydney's entertainment district. The New Hampton really does this.

Original timber beams give the venue cozy character, while sandstone walls feature and set the scene as something akin to Australiana. Original stained glass windows beside lazer cut steel images of cockatoos and kookaburras adorn the walls. The images are backlit with an amber glow, aiding the warmth of the place and hinting at a celebration of heritage and history. Australian folk songs are framed beside indoor palms, giving the rustic vintage feel a modern swing. It's inviting and it's comfortable. For the first hour or so of the launch, a bush band fiddled, while an accordion kept the scene upbeat, accordingly. This seemed fitting, just as the pulse of a techno DJ did later on during the launch. The New Hampton caters to anyone and while there is a theme to the venue, it seemed to be more of a homage to the building's heritage. This gives the bar room to be whatever you'd like it to be.

The bar boasts an enticing selection of liquor to soothe the palate. We were greeted with Rum and Raisin Old Fashioned, and Vanilla Kisses. The Rum and Raisin Old Fashioned was so smooth, full-bodied and fruity, while the Vanilla Kisses cocktail was like a festival of fairy floss and splendor. My partner and I enjoyed these cocktails and ventured to try the Lychee Rose Martini; dare I say, a tantalizing concoction that reminded me a little of a High Tea garden party. The staff were friendly and their cellar extensive.

Canapes were served with promises of flavour explosions. Bite-sized morsels of tastes that shouldn't mix in theory, but did as well as old favourites. Pulled Pork Gallete, Watermelon with Olive and Fetta, Duck Liver Parfait, Wild Mushroom Arancini, Smoked Salmon Asparagus and Labne, Tomato Consommé and Crayfish were served, to name a few. This finger food was trendy, tasty and on vogue. They truly were delicious. If their canape selection is any reflection of what the New Hampton restaurant offers, you're in for a treat.

As a venue, the New Hampton is laid back, smart casual elegance, where beautiful people can roam a beautiful club. It's sexy sophistication in the heart of the Cross.