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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Clover Cafe Annandale

Opened just over a year ago, Clover is owned and run by chef Aaron Callander, who handed over his restaurant in the wilds of Sumatra to family for the suburban charms of the Annandale café scene. Callander, ex Head Chef of Balmain’s Kazbah restaurant runs Clover like a fine tuned machine.

Clearly child friendly, the children’s menu makes me wish I was a child again. 
“We only use healthy foods, especially for the kids,” added Callander.
Only organic poached chicken and extra virgin olive oil used – no chicken nuggets or deep fried foods.  It is very evident that kids are not only welcome at the café but they set the scene here.

The menu is simple, yet effective, mixing comforting and familiar tastes with a fresh spin.   The Seasonal fruit platter looks like something out of a Donna Hay magazine (orange, mango, passion fruit, strawberries, apple, nashi pear, blueberries, grapes and kiwi fruit) – amazingly vibrant and full of freshness and colour.  The latest menu features an inviting lamb shank hot pot and a variety of fresh pasta dishes.

The seating inside consists of a long communal table and several tables against the wall.  The decor is homey/eclectic. Knick-knacks adorn the handmade wall cabinets and the colour scheme is light and welcoming.   It features child-friendly teapots full of crayons with planter boxes lining the entrance.
Offers a light and refreshing atmosphere.
Where food is medicine and Friends are everything… Clover is worth a stop.
Clover Café
78 Booth St, Annandale 2038
Telephone 0433 258 252
Open Mon-Sun 7am-3 pm

Reviewed by Jennifer Black BlackLine PR & Communications