Sunday, 20 April 2014

Strictly Ballroon - Review

Strictly Ballroom has all the razzamatazz of a musical and more. Right from the moment you enter the auditorium you are entertained. It doesn't matter where your seats are you are surrounded by the glitz and glamour of a ballroom venue.
Before the show gets underway the audience is given their dancing pairs to cheer for. This is a great idea as you feel part of the show, immediately.  The singing, acting, dancing, set, costumes, lighting, sound, direction, production were all brilliant in my opinion. The costumes and set design are under the direction of award winning Catherine Martin, who has for a long time collaborated with Baz Luhrumann the Director and Co-writer. Luhrumann originally co-wrote Strictly Ballroom as a short play, before turning it into a film and now the musical.
My only criticism of the whole show was that the opening number or couple of numbers did seem a little cheesy and over the top. However, this did not effect my overall enjoyment of the night. So, what is the story? Well there is nothing unusual. One of the dancers, Scott Hastings played by Thomas Lacey comes from a dancing family but he puts them to shame by not dancing the "correct steps" and loses the competition. His partner walks out on him, so he has to find a new partner. Fran played by Phoebe Panaretos, wants to dance but has little experience, however she persuades him to secretly train her to be his partner. Of course his family are also trying to find a new partner for him and set him up with Tina Sparkle, one of the best female dancers around. Now he has the dilemma to dance with Tina the traditional way or Fran and take dance in a new direction. Fran in the meantime feels shunned and Scott ends up at her parents house and learns how to dance from the heart from her father.  Of course it all comes good in the end and Fran and Scott dance their way and fall in love!
Thomas is an amazing dancer and Phoebe's voice brings the house down. The two together are electric.
You may think that this musical will be more enjoyed by the female audience, however you will be wrong, many men will enjoy it too, don't be fooled by the title it is not lots of ballroom dancing.  It is very funny and it is very Australian!
It is certainly worth the money so book your tickets now and go and see it.  

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