Monday, 11 November 2013

The Monologue Project Presents (extra) ordinary, (un) usual

The Monologue Projects are award winning monologues by Pete Malicki. The are about ordinary people telling extraordinary stories or extraordinary people who are trying to be ordinary. Are they interesting and entertaining? Most certainly!

Producer of The Monologue Project, Pete Malicki, says,
"There is a serious lack of contemporary material out there for actors, particularly high school students, who often struggle to find a relevant monologue for their exams. My aim as both a writer and producer is to showcase excellent monologues which will captivate and entertain regular theatregoers and newcomers alike, as well as create opportunities for established and next-generation actors to perform great monologues and build their professional careers."

The performance had seven actors and eight monologues.
It starts with Eliza St John and a monologue V.D., she returns at the end to finish of the night.  V.D. is a comic monologue, it starts off as a look into Valentines Day and the feelings you get when you have an unknown admirer, however it ends on a more serious subject. I won't say what because if you should ever see it I will have ruined in end.
Jessica Heath - Frenemy who is currently an HSC student and is very talented. This was quite a disturbing monologue which tackled some issues that some would not dare.
Charlotte Connor - Screams and Whispers another comical monologues, is she a horse whisperer or not?
Scott Grimpley - A Psychopath, no you wouldn't want to meet him down an dark alley.
Nat Backhouse - Dragula another very funny monologue on really, the best way to pick up women! Rosemary Ghazi - The Flowers, Rosemary is a very good actress and this monologue is very well done and written.
And finally Sarah North - Shallow, Quick which was less memorable than the others.

All in all it was a great night out. Sadly is was only on for two nights. Hopefully Pete will bring it back with more hilarious monologues. Keep an eye on their website -

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