Friday, 22 February 2013

The Grace Hotel Brasserie Seafood Buffet Dinner - Review

Reviewed by Benjamin Oxley
Courtesy: Grace Hotel, York Street, Sydney

The Grace Hotel Brasserie Seafood Buffet Dinner

Everything has its season, particularly in dining. It was a very welcoming staff that ushered us into the buffet, very keen to answer questions about the experience. Essentially dinner forms part of a package for hotel guests (you can pay $39 rather than $45). As the diners gathered, there was a convivial spirit in the air. No hint of the peak hour traffic two floors up from street level.

So to the food. Opening with cold entrees, mussels, prawns, there were some complimentary flavours from the seafood and sauces. The salmon was fresh, with the texture and temperature ideal. Herbed potatoes and seafood pasta salad had some interesting flavours, but perhaps there was a place for a textural contrast, like a crusty trivet.

Some wine to accompany from De Bortoli, a 2011 Lorimer Shiraz and sensibly for the cuisine, a Semillon Blanc. Apart from the seafood chowder, the main courses want for a little more depth of flavour. Would some spice and flavours like galangal work in these dishes?

Desserts brought an array of delicately shaped creations; the accent on less is more. There was fresh fruit in a mini pastry shell in a light custard, coconut and raspberry slice with a tile of jelly. The lasting flavour was the poppy seed cake with the peel-infused gelatine top. Lovely to find something at the end of the meal that satisfies the palate.

Overall, the wait staff was most impressive in their roles, and indeed sales and marketing had their time cut out answering questions. One offered his perspective: “New year, new adventure.” They were welcoming people and being very responsive to the diner’s requests. Hopefully they had time for dinner after their debrief.
Also, thanks to Head Chef Tan Kok Siong and his kitchen staff for stepping up to make the Grace an evening destination for guests and diners. One request (which was made on the night) was to let the music accompany the meal. The room’s low ceilings don’t allow for lots of sound sources outside voices. Vivid baroque and classical music started to intrude on the conversations at our table. It’s all a question of balance, like the meal.

Grace Seafood Buffet Dinner $45 per person

Grace Hotel launches its sensational seafood buffet dinner commencing Tuesday the 5th of February and is open from Tuesday to Saturday nights throughout the year.

Special introductory price of $45 per person is only valid till 31th July 2013.

For reservations email: or call 02 9272 6670